vission: that man will know and experience God's love

God's Love

God's love for us has been since after creation and will continue forever in spite of our acts of disobedient, wrong decisions and choices of life. Man was made in God's image and likeness to care for or take care of God's creation. "Let us make man in our image and likeness" signifies the degree of God's love for human. Equalizing man to God Himself. As god, man has isolate control and authority over God's creation, Adam (the first man) gave name to every creatures and living thing that walk the ground and/or flork the sky, he names the trees, the seas, the waters, the mountain, the moon, the sun and stars, the land, and the first female he named "Woman". He was allowed to eat from the creation. He was placed in the world most beautiful garden, the Garden of Edem.The world was not made for man, man was made for the world. The love out of which human was made does still exist and will continue until Christ's reign. However, man deviated from God's love by disobeying God's voice. God wanted man to alway be pure-free from evil to live forever as God. Disobedient brought evil into human soul and polluted man's purity. Evil was pure and confirmed to a "tree of the Knowledge of Evil. Evil in man is dangerous because human was not made to host evil. Man by nature cannot control evil. The moment evil entered men their eyes were opened, they were ashamed because they were naked, according to the Bible they used leaves to cover themselves and they hid from God. Impurity cannot conjure the present of purity. This god-man, Adam became impure. His love for God was not replace with fear toward God. And blame God for his action/reason for disobedient. Adam actions led to frictions and separation from God's love. He was castaway from the Garden of Eden: To stop evil from living for ever, God protected the Tree of Knowledge (Life). But God's love remains pure toward men. God planned a deliverance means for man. .......

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