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Jonathan Torres

Jonathan Torres


Jonathan Torres is a 25 year-old young man who was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on May 4, 1991 and became a born again Christian on May 14, 2015. He is well-rounded in several branches of technical practices such as web design, computer hardware repair, and a small background in network engineering. Being the only one to serve the church with technological knowledge, he creates and manages the website for LOCASHA Church of God.

Jonathan is currently in training to be a traveling evangelist. His ministry will consist the preaching and teaching of World History, World Religions, the timeline of God's Word, and the origins of Legends, Mythologies, and Folklore. He is an avid historian, studying the origins of the first civilizations that formed after The Worldwide Flood, the ancient mythological stories that circulated shortly after the flood, the marvels of the pre-flood world the indigenous people had, and the archaeological evidence that supports Old and New Testament claims.

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