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Jonathan & Kadijah

Jonathan Torres and Kadijah Johnson got married on June 13, 2015 at the LOCASHA church in Providence, RI. The couple were only 22 and 24 years of age when they married and are both currently serving in the church.

The couple met through Facebook in June of 2010 although they both attended the same high school together. Throughout the course of 5 years, they had been friends yet have had tons of relational conflict as they both were living 2 opposite lifetyles. After Kadijah had become a born-again Christian in May of 2014, Jonathan decided to reestablish communication in hopes of recreating a steady friendship after 10 months of having rejected each other. In less than 2 months of recommunicating once again, Jonathan proposed to Kadijah and she accepted. 4 months after the proposal, they both got married in June of 2015 at the LOCASHA church in Providence, RI.

Click here to see the entire album of the wedding!

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